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Education with Game Based Learning

by liyo89

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The concept of education has evolved over the years and through experimentation and the introduction of innovative techniques, the people have devised new techniques for effective learning. Education is not just a standard process of delivering facts and information expecting the listeners to absorb everything that is being conveyed to them. Far from that, education is in fact a constant process of questioning and exploring the hitherto untouched domains. Education is an evolutionary process that takes time and requires patience. The process cannot be rushed and the effectiveness of the results differs greatly depending upon the potential of those being taught.

Various techniques of education and imparting knowledge have been employed in order to achieve effective results. As the educational experts have studied the human behavior over time, they have concluded that human beings tend to learn more when their brain is not conscious of the fact that they are in fact absorbing new things. It especially works best in cases of children who tend to be more receptive if the knowledge is imparted through a fun filled activity.

The concept of education with game based learning has evolved from this particular research. Considerable research has gone into education through the game based learning and various techniques have been in practice for the past couple of years. These techniques are not just limited to the ones employed in classrooms. In the present age, the concept of imparting knowledge through video games has also surfaced and has been effective. Game Gurus is one such company that is committed to provide education through game based learning. It is an example of employing the increasing use of technology to the advantage of those using it.

Although the concept of education through the game based learning is difficult to digest for those with a more conservative view on education but the effectiveness of the techniques cannot be denied. The people opposed to this idea believe that such practices are actually deviations from the formal learning and are nothing other than wastage of time. What they fail to realize is the fact that these techniques tend to inculcate an appreciation for learning. These techniques turn the dull and insipid looking facts into a fun filled ride.

Learning requires motivation and a person cannot achieve any academic goal until and unless he is motivated to do so. Educating an individual through rote learning is not highly effective, since rote learning does not fulfill the real purpose of education. The individual tends to lose the motivation and the drive necessary to continue the learning process. On the other hand, if the element of fun is added in education, the experience becomes a lot more interesting. The game based learning by Game Gurus provides us with high learning capabilities apart from problem solving skills considered necessary to get out of a tight corner.

Video games assist the players in developing an intuitive sense of the situation. The players are trained to act immediately and take effective action against the force that threatens. The environment is risk free and the individual is safe, yet the game trains the mind to be receptive and alert. The player dodges the perils and is placed in a parallel universe mentally.

Another aspect of game based learning is the historical connotations that a number of games carry. Often, the games begin with a background that familiarizes the players with the story of the lead character. The player is taken through a maze of historical data that leads the main character into the present situation. The players tend to learn more about history through such a channel, as it tends to grasp their interest a lot more than rote learning.

Education is all about developing an interest in the area that you study. Interest is the one thing that drives an individual to study the deeper more complex aspects of a certain field. Games tend to catch the attention of the individual. For example, it might be difficult for children to grasp the concept of an atom and the particles in and around it. However, through some smart thinking and by the introduction of the element of fun, it can be made easier for the children to grasp this concept. By using an ordinary plastic ball and making the children pass it on to each other in a circle, the concept of orbits can be made clear while involving the kids in an interactive game.

It might be an unconventional to educate children through game based learning but it is effective nevertheless. Educational reforms on a more personal scale by the instructors or large-scale changes made in the system of education to include these practices might do wonders. Technology is accessible to almost everyone, so why not put it to some use through such practices. Instead of complaining about the number of hours a child spends in playing video games, why not introduce him/her to the games that tend to interest and educate at the same time?

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