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Wiring Up School Pitches: Smart Board Technology

by samjephson

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Upon slipping into a classroom, what is the first object you commonly observe? Chances are, it’s the slate. That large, broad, drab green plane has been a component of school existence since James Pillans invented one to demonstrate geography to his learners in Scotland back in the 17th century. Until today, teachers and pupils consume hours scrawling on board surfaces with chalk or markers.

However, days have indeed evolved; informational technology has grown by leaps and bounds. What used to be basic, physical visual tools such as charts, sketches, and informational toys have now turned into superior electronic setups; meantime, the blackboard is progressively being replaced by the whiteboard. Even students nowadays transport laptops or smartphones to aid them in discourses. How does the educator keep up with the students? They use smart board technology.

What are Smart Boards?

Smart boards are special interactive white boards (IWB) that are set up in conjunction with an LCD projector. The projector is wired to a computer where the classroom presentation notes are kept. Particular smart board systems have extra software that allows the computer to get commands executed on the board surface as seen by the projector.

Users can employ IWBs with a medley of control functions. Specific IWBs can identify motion on the board surface via infrared and find their location on the computer monitor. Others are worked with a stylus that functions on electromagnetic, infrared, or ultrasonic energy. Particular IWB items, meanwhile, are operated with designated ergonomically engineered command tools and can use any smooth top as the board.

By utilizing smart board systems, presenters can go about their duties by merely pointing and clicking at items on the display. Interactivity is bolstered as the learners sample the instrument. Preparation time for instructional notes is likewise reduced.

Taking the IWB path in making a pitch can aggrandize the training experience. Instructors who deem it cumbersome to carry hard-copy presentation materials for every class will find that investing in a smart board system can render the work simpler. To discover more, browse

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