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Top places to visit in Nairobi, Kenya

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Nairobi is a city that has lots of diversified tourist attractions and destinations. Being a 24 hour city, lovers of nightlife would not be short of places to visit and enjoy. Places to visit include museums, cultural theatres, historical monuments, a national park, snake and crocodile parks, giraffe centers, night clubs, casinos, cinemas, and so much more.

Masai Markets

Masai markets are curio shops that sell African art. Here you get the chance to buy lots of things that will tell you about African culture through objects. This includes wood and stone carvings, paintings, ornaments such as bracelets, bangles, necklaces and rings, African regalia, post cards, shopping baskets, ‘ciondos’, mats, board games, musical instruments such as drums, ‘nyatiti’, and so much more. The prices are not fixed and a buying price will be achieved through bargain.

Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya gives one a chance to understand most if not all of the cultural practices of various tribes in Kenya. Some of the cultural practices showcased here includes, traditional songs and dances, staple food of various communities plus their preparation methods, architectural design of various homesteads among others. You will also learn about each tribe’s traditional ceremonies such as birth, initiation, marriage and death.


Various monuments have been erected in the city. Among the oldest is that of the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.  It is located next to Kenyatta international conference centre. Along Uhuru highway, there is the Nyayo monument, which is an arm holding a club. Some of the most recent ones include that of Dedan Kimathi, who was a field marshal in the fight for independence. There is also a monument of Tom Mboya, a political activist during the first Kenyan independent government.

Mamba Village

The Mamba village is located near Karen estate, on the South western side of Nairobi. It mainly hosts crocodiles though there are other reptiles such as tortoises found there.  The crocodiles are grouped into adults and the young. The young are born and bred there. They are fed late in the afternoon and this would be such a spectacle to watch.

Nairobi National Park

Being the only Park in the world that is located next to a major city, Nairobi National park is one a class of its own. Four of the big five are found here, the only exclusion being the elephant. There is also a wide range of birds, ranging from the flightless ostrich, to the shy guinea fowl, to the scavenging vulture. Because it is not very large, one can go round it a number of times watching the wild at its very best.

Safari walk

The Nairobi walk hosts caged animals. Some of them include the lion, leopard, parrots, baboons, and many others. Each animal species is paired whereby a cage hosts a male and a female. The cages are big enough for the animals to roam, and are made of firm steel wire mesh.

Kenya National Archives

This is a national monument where all the country’s historical records are stored. They date back to the colonial era that is the early 1990s. They range from records of administration, judiciary, hospital, local government, tourism, sports and so on. A person with a thing for history will view this as a mine field.

National Museum of Kenya

The National museum also holds a historical aspect of Kenya. Here, besides records, one will witness the cultural heritage of Kenya through art. This includes painting, traditional clothing, sculptures, remains of African animals and birds. There is also a wide variety of books with historical and national information to read.

Snake Park

The Snake Park is close to the national museum and it hosts a wide range of reptile species, mainly snakes. There are also tortoises, fish and crocodiles. There are professional guides who will explain the features of each animal. Some of the African snakes found here include the python, puff adder, mamba, among others.

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