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Plumbing Treatments for Hidden Leaky Pipes

by darryliorio

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What do crimes and bathroom leaks have in common? Other than not wanting both to happen at your household, both can be clandestine but do not fail to give out clues that point back to them.

If left unmaintained, an undetected bathroom leak will cost you tons of money, specifically if it triggers serious water damage to bathroom walls, floor surfaces, and paint job. New Westminster plumbing professionals tell homeowners to keep an eye out for the succeeding indications that show a weakened pipe in your bathroom.

Mold and mildew
If you spot that mold or mildew keeps appearing inspite of your valiant cleaning attempts, start expecting an unrevealed water leak. Fungal growth like mold and mildew enjoys damp, dark places which are what a dripping pipe within the woodwork tends to draw up. While a little bit mildew surfacing in the corner of a shower is no peril, fungal growth on non-shower walls or on apparently dry corners of the bathroom plainly points to a damaged pipe someplace.

Dilapidated wall paint
A sodden or scorching bathroom wall is yet another sign of an undetected water leak. In a multitude of cases, steam from hot showers should never cause paint or wallpaper to strip, crack, and come flaccid. When dampness turns up between the wall and paint (which takes place when water from a leak seeps from behind a bathroom wall) it undermines the link that keeps them unified. This causes the paint to detach from the wall, and come off in flakes. The very same condition arises with wallpaper, as the adhesive that locks it to the wall can be mared by water until it is ruined absolutely, causing the paper to fall off the wall.

Buckling bathroom floor
If you discover your bathroom floor buckling, fracturing, or tinting for no clear reason, it would be safe to presume hidden water as the root cause. A bathroom floor hardly endures water damage unless there is an unknown leak causing water to be existent where it should never be. The water might be oozing from a pipe exactly beneath the floor, or could have trickled its way there from another area.

At the first view of any of these telltale signs, you should be in touch with specialists giving New Westminster, Burnaby and North Vancouver plumbing services to locate the leak and minimize even more destruction. For straightforward plumbing repair and maintenance pointers, check out

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