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Advantages of Cottura Bagnomaria Sottovuoto for Restaurant O

by peterjems

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Cottura bagnomaria sottovuoto (also referred to as sous-vide cooking method) has become equally popular among home cooks and professional chefs. Main reasons for its popularity include retention of taste and flavor, uniformity in cooking, and less requirement of oil and salt. In this article, we will exclusively focus on the advantages that this cooking method offers professional chefs or restaurant

Retains Fresh Flavors of the Food

The main advantage of this cooking method is that is that it retains fresh flavors of the food. This occurs because of the fact that food is placed in an airtight environment and cooked at a low temperature over a long period. This in turn, prevents loss of nutritional content of the food, thus making it even more delicious.

Prevents Loss of Food

Did you know that traditional cooking and cooking in ovens cause loss of 37% and 25% of food items
respectively? Yes, this is true. In la cottura bagnomaria per sottovuoto, on the other hand, loss of food is only 8%. For owners of restaurants, this is a great advantage. Moreover, since this cooking method requires usage of little salt, sodium content of food cooked via this method is also less.

Maintains High Nutritional Value of Food

Conventional cooking strategies often destroy essential fats. However, since this cooking method requires low temperature, it retains nutrients of the food.

Allows Operational Efficiency

With this cooking method, restaurant owners can enjoy increased operational efficiency. This is because this cooking method involves advance preparation of food and placing controlled food portions in airtight bags. All these in turn, simplify kitchen operations and reduce wastage of food.

Does Not Require Constant Supervision

The best thing about this cooking method is that it does not require regular supervision. The cook only needs to set the temperature and place the vacuum bags (containing the food items) in the water bath. Until the food gets cooked, he can involve himself in other activities.

Allows Implementation of Standardized Recipes 

This cooking method allows chefs or restaurant owners to use standardized recipes, thus offering guests with high quality food, irrespective of cooking skills.Also, since different meals are cooked in the same water bath, few utensils are required.

Requires Lower Power Consumption
Another advantage of this method of cooking is that it requires lower consumption of power.
This is because food is cooked at a low temperature, which results in lower
energy bills.

The above discussion makes it clear that this unconventional cooking method provide restaurant owners or professional chefs with various benefits. However, to enjoy these benefits, it
is crucial to opt for high quality vacuum bags and equipment.

Also, one should gather information about this cooking method in details beforehand so that there is no confusion later. Time to impress the guests with this interesting cooking method!

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