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Content is Critical to SEO

by anonymous

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Not many among us know that content is the king in SEO. To get higher rankings in search engines content is the energetic factor. Search engines and for that matter, even readers would like fresh content. Regular updated and relevant content is the path to success. If a site is updated frequently, the possibility of the spider visiting the site increases.

Although there is no definite thumb rule that a spider would visit if you appraise the site daily but if you do not then the spider would give your site a miss and drop you from top search results.

It is difficult for some companies to add text regularly. No matter what your business is, it is always pertinent to include a blog on your site to keep the content ball rolling. If SEO is being done on a site where there is frequent news like a news magazine or online magazine, you get fresh content all the time but if it is an ordinary company site, and then you must find ways to get fresh content. Choose a topic that best fits the company’s description and create content about it. Serious content and not some advertising material is cherished. Having some kind of promotional text about your products would add value to your website Content.

Use of some bold and italic text highlights is important terms for the spiders to crawl. Original content is more welcome than a plagiarized one. Even if you get content from popular contentfeeds like RSS, duplicate content will not be picked up by spiders. Copied content may create the
risk of being removed from search results.

Enhancing your pages with search engine friendly content can take you many paces ahead of your competitors. Just make that effort and ensure there is quality content update on your websites frequently.


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