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How to Map a Web Hosting Provider in India?

by anonymous

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First a small enterprise, then a big outlet and then opening branches in every city. As a businessman, you would always think of expanding your business. Any firm in India who desires to intensify its area of operation will initially seek the ideas of creating awareness about itself. And when it comes to brand awareness, the internet is the best option. A full-fledged website featuring your company’s products and services with other relevant descriptions is the best way to introduce your company. Website creation and hosting is a type of service offered by web service providers. So you have to choose a hosting provider who can manage your website in a sound way.

To map a web hosting provider in India means to understand in details about different aspects of the company. Following are they:


Operating System: Web hosting generally comes with a particular specification for different operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. With Windows, things are a bit easier since it is a GUI based OS, while with Linux, things are a bit safer.  Your provider should offer plans depending on the type of OS you are to use. One more advantage of Linux over Windows is it is Cheaper.


Bandwidth and Disk Space: The size of bandwidth and disk space or e-mail account space decides the amount you have to pay. As the hosting provider in India has designed different kinds of packages, see if any of them may come to your use. If not, get your own requirement and the company will design a package according to your configuration. Also keep in mind that you may need extra bandwidth or disk space in the future so the company must provide flexibility and be able to increase or decrease the sizes of your basic requirements as and when desired by you.


Uptime: Maximum uptime should be maintained by the service providers since it shows the capabilities of your website. Generally, an uptime of 99.5% to 99.9% is the standard uptime which is sure to be maintained by providers. 100 percent uptime is practically impossible because due to some common factors like power failures.


Features like support and security may be viewed differently since it varies from company to company as to how committed a company are in these two aspects. In case of security, they should try to prevent unwanted intrusions to your website or files so that the safety of your website is maintained. Websites are very prone to attacks by virus and malware from different hackers. A web host should employ ideas and events to minimize this risk to the minimum level. In case of providing support, a provider should be very prompt and innovative in ideas to reach to its clients more effectively.

Although you may have a decent idea on web hosting provider in India, afore mentioned aspects give you a clear teaser to the picture. Moreover, if a need of hiring a hosting provider arises, then you will be easily able to differentiate and select the most appropriate one for your website.


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