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Frangipanis – The Most Pleasing Flowers to Create a Heavenly

by grayson383

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Frangipanis are otherwise known as Hawaiin Lei flowers. These plants are found widely in the warm tropical regions of South America, Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Mexico. Frangipanis can also withstand the subtropical climate. The Frangipanis flowers are very gorgeous in rose-pink color. These flowers scent highly during nights. They are popularly used in bouquet arrangements. Their fantastic tropical essence creates a pleasing environment in any decorations for a party or celebration.

Frangipanis flowers are found in various colors like yellow, white, red and pink. This flowering plant can grow both as a large shrub and even as a mall tree planted in a pot. This therefore makes the plant a great choice of balcony gardening especially in apartments. The long fleshy leaves of Frangipani plants make it look shrubby.  Growing Frangipani is an art as it requires proper care and maintenance to make it look lively and fresh.  These plants are the small trees that grow at the height of maximum 5 meters. However, they can also be grown in terrace garden or balcony. The flowers appearing at the end of plant branches creates a peaceful look to your eyes. You can find Frangipanis in different varieties and to name a few, Plumeria, Plumeria Rubra, Plumeria Obtusa and Acutifolia. The amazing fact of this plant is that they can sustain even up to 500 degree temperature which is of extreme heat. This makes the plant to survive with freshness even in drought

Frangipani cuttings are the most easiest and effortless solution to grow the plant healthier. However this needs to be done with utmost care. There are certain things to be considered before you decide to do cuttings. You need to decide the best size for cutting that could also be the right size for most favourable survival of the plant for long. It can be cut both angle or straight manner. It is important to treat cuttings with serious attention, however they require less care. The right time must be chosen to cut frangipanis growing in a pot.

Fancy Frangipanis provides the best Frangipani cutting services visiting your place. With years of experience as a family business, they are very knowledgeable in choosing the right technique, season and size for cutting frangipanis to ensure their long lasting survival in your garden. The cuttings of Frangipani are taken generally from the limbs of well grown trees and these cuttings will allow you to grow your pleasing heavenly plants and flowers in your garden healthy.

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