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Key Points to Remember While Creating a Designers Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Fame and recognition are two such elements that are considered to be “world-chased”. Every human being in some way or the other thirst for achieving these two elements. Be it an organization or an individual alone. Owning a portfolio has come into the high demand category nowadays, with the zooming of advancements in each generation. But to create a portfolio, especially catering to designers, needs to be well planned and well stated. Following are some of the key points that need to be kept in mind while creating a designer portfolio:-

Think of simple layouts
For beginners, they need to focus on showcasing their works and achievements rather than beautifying their portfolio artistically. One should imagine the portfolio gallery as a crystal clear blank wall. And the works and the achievements should act as the design and the beautifying elements on the portfolio.

Nothing is permanent
A designer’s portfolio must be flexible in nature. It should be open for feedbacks and suggestions. In this way, the portfolio can be enhanced and improvised in a fruitful way, as at the end of the day, it is the audience, who are the deciding factors. The portfolio represents the designer through his works and services. Hence, to improve and to move up the ladder, flexibility in accepting and implementing changes in required.
Focus on a format that the designer is passionate about:
It could be in the form of handmade books, or cards, it should be as per the preference of the designer, suiting his personality and his expectations. Expandability and durability are two essential factors that need to be incorporated into the mind, while creating a designer centric portfolio.

Short and precise
 Nowadays, time is a crucial factor in everyone’s lives. Nobody has the time and the patience for long drawn affairs. A portfolio needs to be accurate and to the point. Beating around the bush, in no way can help designers in catching the eyeballs of the audiences. The portfolio needs to be crisp, cut-to-cut and ‘bulls-eye’.

Have an introduction
Continuously rambling about services, achievements, and success rates, only serve 50 percent of satisfaction and interest to the audiences. A clear, brief and a perfect introduction to the portfolio creates wonders to it. People need to get their minds and their thinking adjusted to the presentation made before them. Unless they get a snapshot, of what lies ahead in the portfolio, their interest rates will remain at the surface itself. One needs to strike that interest and a curious cord in an audience, to stay put with the portfolio.

To create a transparent platform
A portfolio serves as a mirror to the designers, reflecting themselves, in the form of their work, results and expectations, virtualized online or offline. Hence it is very essential to reflect the designer and his works as it is and not create hypothetical results, which may create confusions and chaos in the minds of the audiences, which may lead to decision clashes.

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