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Daily Maintenance Points on the Vibrating Screen

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     For problems of day-to-day maintenance of the vibrating screen, the experts of Hongxing machinery provides the following analysis and corresponding measures to take for customers.
     Because most of the material particles to be sieved are uneven, and the particles are irregular Therefore, clogging reasons is not completely the same. In order to effectively prevent the vibrating screen clogging, you should take appropriate measures and methods for sieve clogging. When vibrating screen is in normal operation, because of all the characteristics of the material, different shapes will produce a variety of different forms of the sieve clogging. The main reasons of blockage are the following:
1. contain a large number of particles close to the separation point;
    2, the high moisture content of materials;
    3, the spherical particles have a multi-contact point or the sieve material;
    4 static;
    5, the material has a fibrous material;
    6, more tabular grains;
    7. wire diameter of woven mesh is too rough;
    8. Sieve holes design of thick rubber mesh is unreasonable, not reached on the small above and big below, leaving the particles get stuck. Because the majority of the granules are irregular, therefore, clogging causes also varied.
To effectively prevent vibration sieve clogging, you should take measures according to the above reasons.
    1. When the materials are too fine, clay content is more, and smaller screen size, the moisture content plays a decisive role in the clogging of screens.
    2, when the moisture in the material is greater than 5%, if unconditionally drying materials, you should choose the sieve surface and the sieve holes.
    3. when the water is more than 8%, wet sieving is better.
    4.  For the materials with more flaky particles, you need to change the crushing way and the granularity matching of the different crushing manner and process.

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