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Los Angeles Law Firm Marketing

by liyo89

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Finding a competent lawyer is no child’s play. I already understand this before I had a need for one. Knowledge on Los Angeles Law Firm Marketing and LA lawyer SEO was very helpful. From the outset, I was prepared to do anything to get a good patent lawyer because the health of my business depends on his or her competence.

It was not yet time for searching; I needed to be acquainted with what patent rights stand for, attributes of a good patent lawyer and questions he or she needs to answer correctly. Having armed myself with this knowledge, I proceeded to the searching of reliable sites like and using specific parameters as well as my geographic area (Los Angeles).

I was able to get a number of qualified attorneys. Google search provided me with clues to their reputation as well as quotes to the press. I even called the state Bar Association to know their standing and confirm. When finally I made my choice, I had no doubt that he will represent me well, which turned out to be the case.

Having a preliminary interview with each of them in their offices was no bad idea I thought, but before I take on this, I had reduced the list of candidates to the best four by reason of my findings. It looked as if I was relating with these attorneys as would a physician. However, I had no remorse about this knowing the huge amount of money skilled lawyers collect for their services.

Each of these preliminary interviews was no different from a business partner meeting. I was there prepared with relevant information that help the attorneys determine whether the job is one they can conveniently handle. They also provided answers to a number of my questions: How do you carry out a patent search? Any mention of some patents you once registered? How long do I have to wait to get the job concluded? How much should I earmark for it? Any reference to clients you once worked with? I followed up by checking on a couple of these clients. I did not leave each of the attorney offices without perusing the firm’s retainer agreement. By the time I was done with the last attorney, it was obvious who has the best qualification.

Above all, I think my success in getting a good attorney hinged on knowing exactly what I wanted before setting out on a search for a competent attorney.     For law firm marketing and SEO, call: 212-960-8584

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