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5 Reasons to Choose Center City Philadelphia Real Estate

by calvinmordarski

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Moving to Philadelphia . . . does this sound good? You'll love its advanced features and walkable streets, and the fact that it provides one of the most affordable metropolitan lifestyles anywhere. Nonetheless, before you go searching through the offers of many Center City Philadelphia real estate websites, here are the leading 5 things you should understand about the place.

Philadelphia may be the fifth most populous city in the United States, but at its core, it's just an easy university town. With over 85 universities, colleges, and technical schools, Philadelphia has the largest per capita concentration of higher education organizations all over the country. Whether you're looking for an Ivy League, Liberal Arts, Seven Sisters, Jesuit, or State school, you're bound to find the type of college establishment you're seeking.
Philadelphia puts no taxes on clothes and shoes. This indicates that these items are 10% more affordable in this city than if you were to purchase them in Chicago or LA. As if that wasn't enough, you can discover just about single shop or outlet you can think of either in Center City, Franklin Mills, King of Prussia, or Premium malls.

You can conveniently get in and out of Philadelphia by plane, train and car. The city's intercontinental airport is served by 22 airlines that take a trip to 84 domestic and 40 international locations. Amtrak's high speed line, the Acela Express, can get you to Baltimore, New York, Boston, and DC in no time at all. 2 main highways, the 1-95 and 76, make traveling by automobile rather simple.

Philadelphia lives up to its reputation as The City of Brotherly love. To an outsider, Philadelphians can initially be a bit snarky, but when you learn more about them, Philadelphians are, by all accounts, quite friendly. You will deem it challenging to have a day pass without exchanging a smile with a total stranger or somebody calling you "honey" for no reason at all.

Philadelphia has one of the healthiest real estate markets in the US, mostly due to its abundance of universities and medical centers. No wonder Center City Philadelphia real estate companies are overloaded with offers from individuals who want to transfer to the city. To learn more about the city's realty market, see

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