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How to successfully approach email marketing to gain the res

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Email is everywhere. That's reason Number One to look at when you are choosing from the number of email marketing companies.

Over 20% of cellphones carried in the US are used to send and receive email. Email has now been effectively free for 15 years and is available with access to the majority of public libraries. Most of the people you know have it and use it daily. Ubiquity is beyond price when you are trying to get a message to a lot of people.

Know what has a price? Bulk mail flyers.

Or, as they're known in my house, coasters.

Start Simple for Success

Plan simple, execute well.

Email can be an effective method to deliver your message and generate a positive response. If you commit to the following steps and focus on consistency and execution, the payback will likely surprise you. Selecting from the email marketing companies is an important decision and one that must be done carefully.

To start:

1. Take Email seriously - use it as the base of your message strategy.

2. Take the Time to Define - prepping your contacts and mailing lists into orderly segments helps you to organize follow up responses according to which group the respondent was in.

3. If your contact list is a little dusty, begin your current program with a Re-Opt email which lets folks to remember who you are and why they gave you their email address.

4. Take advantage of what a service like MailCraft can offer - for instance, we analyze outbound messages to judge whether they'll appear "spammy” to Gmail and Yahoo.We'll also tell you which words or phrases to fix before you send a message, not after it all comes bouncing back. We also allow you to use email marketing templates for quick and easy email creation.

5. Measure what Matters - MailCraft metrics and reporting tools allow you to weed out non-responders and focus follow-up mail on people with an active interest in your activities.

Staying Simple and Succeeding

Stay Simple, Keep Executing. Refine you Email Kung-Fu as follows:

1. Simple Messages, Topics that Matter to you, repeat occasionally.

2. Does the Title line convey the message's purpose?

3. Does the email give the reader a single action they can pursue? Write a check or a letter or boycott something or buy something else for a good reason?

4. So you included the action. Does the email let the reader know how to accomplish the task?

5. Does the email explain the benefits of taking the suggested action?

6. Spell Check. Really. You'd be surprised.

When making a selection from all of the email marketing companies it is important to find one that not only meets your needs, but also gives you the ability to learn and grow within the system.

What does it take to make this commitment?

Can you post 5 things you find interesting to Facebook every month?

If you can commit just that small amount of time your Email Campaign will be sustainable, vital and return more than you put into it.


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