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Electronic Cigarette Control and Longevity

by dnieva

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An electronic cigarette though slightly different than the conventional tobacco cigarette; the look and mimic is like a traditional one. The difference of look and feel still retains the nicotine factor for both. This addictive product comes in a wide range of supply. An electronic cigarette however controls the level of nicotine. The hasardous element unfolds itself when nicotine is mixed with certain chemicals.

Control and Longevity

Electronic Cigarette smokers are benefited over the traditional tobacco smokers for their control over the level of nicotine consumption which they truly need. This counterpart of conventional cigarette does not contain the dangerous chemical additives letting the user enjoy only nicotine experience.  This even comes without the risk of being a prey to smoking related diseases and illnesses. Without jeopardising one’s health, nicotine fix can be attained by the smoker. Many smokers are not even desired of any nicotine levels and are therefore more likely to opt for nicotine free units are compared to the nicotine blends. The versatility enables one to have strong control over the nicotine intake. 

When talking about flavored Electronic Cigarette, thecartridges contain nicotine in a solution of propylene glycol. The option last as longer as one desires. Conservative users claim it long lasting effect as opposed to the liberal lot. The strength of Nicotine contained in a cartomizer determines the extent of longevity a smoker is equipped to enjoy. Lower strengths of nicotine encourage more puffs to enjoy the equivalent throat hit. The exciting factor is the ability of electronic cigarette with lownicotine levels gives one a full pack conventional cigarette comparable full fledge throat hit. 


Electronic Cigarettecomes with the same level of nicotine as a traditional cigarette which makesthe transition quite easier and something. The controlling factor enables a smoker to gradually reduce the intake because the body starts absorbing a steady amount of nicotine which makes it accustomed and more prone to arrive at lower intake levels.  Lowering intake too soon can cause adverse impact on one’s health and body therefore the one willing to quit altogether must be wise enough in all planning. The under-play can cause a novice user to return back to the same traditional cigarette. Conversely the higher level causes a hard throat hit and moreover the excessive amount leads to enormous discomfort levels. Matching current levels of intake with the intended ones can help one be successful with the ultimate withdrawal. One should definitely consider lowering the nicotine intake through this healthier alternative.

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