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Understand! Don’t Just Memorize Facts

by anonymous

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Another misconception that many IMGs and FMGs have is that every person can benefit from one of those annually-updated books on USMLE "factoids" commonly used by many people for USMLE preparation. Such a book may be an excellent text for those who have strong foundation in the basic sciences. Those who have enjoyed a great teaching from a good basic science curriculum would find such a "factoid-based" text instrumental to their preparation.

However, those who lack understanding of mechanisms of disease may struggle with such a text. Before relying on such a factoid-based text, ask yourself if you could actually explain mechanisms underlying those facts presented in the book with your peers.

Many people spend so much time on it and end up failing a couple of times before realizing that it is not sufficient for them because of a deficiency in knowledge. When they go to the exam and find that the material if presented differently, they end up struggling.

Such people eventually benefit when they take our USMLE K.O. Review Course. Here they develop a strong understanding of the critically essential elements vital to USMLE success. And they leave here better placed to explain mechanisms underlying those facts.


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