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Teeth grinding at any stage of life and Dental Health

by MuradThakur

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Orlando Family Dentistry’s survey shows that most of the people grind their teeth during their sleep.  All most every human being grinds and clenches their teeth from time to time. In medical science the grinding is call bruxism. Family dentist at Orlando assures that generally, teeth grinding does not have any malicious impact on dental health. But, it causes persistently your teeth can be damage and can creates a complicated situation.

Grinding teeth has some reasons. Mental stress and anxiety are the major causes of grinding. It happens in one’s sleep. And most of the time the sufferer do not aware of it at all.  Sore jaw and continuous and dull headache prove that he or she is suffering from teeth grinding. From his guardian or your companion inform you that are grind in your sleep.

It is a general believe that worm inside your stomach causes grinding. Continuous grinding may causes various types of dental diseases.  These diseases include decaying of teeth, crowns, implants, bridge, root canal etc. severe grinding may result in affecting your jaw, hearing loss, tooth loss. Even it can change the look of your face.

If it is happens for a long time you must consult your family dentist or a specialist. The dentist will decide what to do. Usually, the dentist provides a mouth guard for you. To stop grinding you must take a measure to stop your stress and lead a relax life. Sometimes, counseling with psychiatric is urgently. He may recommend you some drug or other exercise.

Other measures you can take for stopping grinding are:

  • Try to avoid chocolate, coffee or colas as they contain caffeine which causes grinding.
  • Try to avoid alcohol. Grinding increasing after drinking alcohol. 
  • Avoid chewing gum and pencil.
  •  Try to form a habit of not grinding.
  • Try to relax your jaw muscles at night.


It is not a disease to confine to the limited age of people. Any one from children to adult may get this disease. Family dentist at Orlando says that 15 % to 33% children grind their teeth during their sleep. The children also grind their teeth between the time when their baby teeth disappear and permanent teeth appear. It may also happen due to their deficiency in nutrition, pinworm and allergies.

                Some special tips for avoiding grinding teeth are given here for preventing it.

*  Keep yourself or your child stress free.

*  To relax the muscles through massage

*  Ensure balanced diet

*  Drink pure water in plenty.

*  Visit your dentist regularly.

The aforesaid measures can be a good solution for stopping the bad habit and form a good practice of dental health.

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