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newborns and pacifiers

by websolutionz

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The Relation Between Newborns And Pacifiers

In the matter of newborns and pacifiers, experienced parents have much to say. There are variations of opinions whether pacifiers should be used or not. Some scientific studies have proved that, some babies start to suck their thumbs, even before they are born. As sucking is one of the reflex actions, it is better to let the babies transfer their habit of sucking thumbs to sucking a pacifier. If there are still any doubt lingering in mind about newborns and pacifiers, a person should do some research about the pros and cons of using pacifiers? The list of the positive aspects related to newborns and pacifiers is quite long. Pacifiers work as soothing agent to the new born babies. In the break between two feedings, pacifiers offer satisfaction to the babies. As the risk of over feeding the child is always there, a pacifier provides a child to keep himself busy on something. The most useful thing about pacifiers is that, it can calm the babies, while they are crying. There are some most difficult to handle babies, who can be soothed by the use of pacifiers.

In this respect, there is a   close relationship between the newborns and pacifiers. There are some babies having sleeping difficulties. In their cases, sucking a pacifier can help them to fall asleep earlier. A new born baby needs to get regular checkups and vaccinations. At the time of taking injections, all most all sort of babies cry out of pain. When a person inserts a pacifier in the mouth of a baby, while taking a vaccination, it will be a considerable distraction for the kid. At the time of travelling, pacifiers can get a bit of distracting element, and it also keeps a baby happy and busy. It has also proved that, using pacifiers can decrease Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Pacifiers can help the children to leave out the habit of sucking thumbs. Thumb sucking is an unhealthy habit. When a person tries to control the sucking habit of a child, it is easier to control his pacifier sucking. As the child becomes older, the habit of sucking thumbs will disappear, but the habit of sucking thumbs does not go easily.

When weaning time comes, if a baby is used to suck a pacifier, it will help him to leave the old food habit. With weaning, the habit of sucking pacifier should be gone too. Apart from the pros of using a pacifier, there are some cons too between the relation of newborns and pacifiers. It is seen, in some cases, that pacifiers interfere in the breast feeding habit of the child. Pacifiers can affect the coming of teeth in the necessary period. Using a pacifier may become a habit of the child. If the pacifier falls from the mouth, it will affect the sleep, as a small baby cannot pick it up. Pacifiers should not be used when the children reaches the age of one year. A pacifier should be washed properly before putting it to the mouth of a child.

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