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Flapper Dresses – Choice dresses for different occasions

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No doubt about it, flapper dresses are back with a bang! Celebrities are now rocking them to red carpet events and regular ladies are wearing them for night-outs. Back in the 1920s some of these dresses had fringes and which were meant to add sensual appeal especially with the “swing” when a woman was walking. This feature is probably what prompted these stylish items of wear to be referred to as fringe dresses. Back then they were in vogue as the choice ladies wear for dancing to jazz music; we are now seeing flapper dress costumes in different dance events being worn by both children and adults for their performances.

Flapper dresses are currently a hot item among ladies trying to move away from the norm by creating their own fashion statements. With this dress you will surely stand out from the crowd plus you will have found something unique to wear to special occasions and fun-filled events. The fringe dresses we are currently seeing around bring out a look and feeling of sensuality and that is why they are so popular among celebrities. Their look is also why they are much loved as costumes for dance performances as they accentuate dancers’ form and movements more so their legs and footwork. For dance competitions wearing a creative fringe dress is bound to help improve your scores as it’ll create a beautiful first impression that’ll definitely catch the judges’ eyes.

A flapper dress should also make for an excellent costume for Halloween or even a theme party seeing as you will be bringing back a look previously inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe. The dress will also symbolize the era when ladies liberated their freedom of expression and even their outlook by doing away with the corsets and petticoats that the Victorian age was all about.

Shopping for flapper dresses can be real tricky especially because they are not an “official” fashion item and as such you will only find them in a handful of stores if you are lucky. Your best bet therefore is to shop for them online. Online flapper dress stores have them in diverse sizes, colours and styles which are all intricate in their detailing. Some of the most desired colours for these dresses are black, pink, purple, red, yellow, royal-blue and white, basically colours that stand out. For this dress to look nice on you it has to be well fitting so always make sure that you consult the sizing chart provided by the store. For you who is new to fringe dresses just note that their lengths should be a few inches above the knees.

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