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Recovered my Non Responsive Project Thesis

by jenymaria

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Having worked diligently on one of my thesis, when I decided to submit it, I thought of taking one last look. After all, revising your work to reduce the mistakes is always a good idea. But, the document refused to open! Instead the computer stopped responding when I booted it! I didn't know whether to be happy that I had not submitted the file in such a state, or should I be upset that all my work was not accessible, probably lost! I had worked hard, but it was all lost. A friend suggested to me that word recovery tool was possible!

Bewildered, I went to his place, and I discussed things at hand. He told me, he had faced similar problem once and had been able to repair the document and thus perform Word recovery. We went to my place and booted the system. What followed was a journey of major ups and downs.

First of all he tried to open another file to check if the application was running fine. Word was fine. Then he tried to open the file on his laptop (he had brought that to help me!). He had two different versions of Word. But the problem continued.
Tried to open the file in draft mode by first disabling the automatic updation of links.
Since that didn't work, tried to insert the document as a file in a new document. But the same failed!
Since my document didn't have anything expect text, and formatting, he tried to use the Recover Text from Any File(*.*) option. But even that didn't work in my case.
Since I didn't have a backup of my work, he suggested to me that he had an application too that could be used for stellar word repair. I was apprehensive about trying something new, but it was a read-only application, and would not have altered my file, even if the repair it did failed. The Word recovery application had been so designed to extract all the data from that file and save it as a new file at another location, while leaving the original file as is.

And sure enough, it did work in my case as well. Though he had suggested to me earlier too, but I was apprehensive about it. Now, being the last resort, I opted for it, as my thesis was very important.

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