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Export Sampling

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Identify your Importer and sending Free Samples:
Identify your Importer from the importer's list available with the respective Councils and Write letter with samples of buyer's choice to the selected buyer.
The buyer may require for product sample before placing a confirmed order.Hence, it is essential that the samples are made from good quality raw materials and after getting an order, the same quality to be maintained.
To avoid the risk in sending a costly product sample for export,extra care should be taken and while sending a sample, secrecy is an important factor,especially risk of copying the original product is there during export.
An exporter should also know the Government policy and norms for export of samples,before sending a product sample. Always advised to send samples by air mail to avoid undue delay in sending a product sample to the buyer. By cheaper mode it can also be sent through Indian post.
Samples marked Not for Sale are allowed freely for export without any limit.
Export of samples to be sent by post parcel or air freight is divided into following 3 categories, and under each category an exporter is required to fulfill certain formalities which are mentioned below:
Samples of value up to Rs.10, 000- It is necessary for the exporter to file a simple declaration that the sample does not involve foreign exchange and its value is less than Rs. 10,000.
Samples of value less than Rs. 25,000- It is necessary for the exporter to obtain a value certificate from the authorised dealer in foreign exchange (i.e. your bank). For this purpose, an exporter should submit a commercial invoice certifying thereon that the parcel does not involve foreign exchange and the aggregate value of the samples exported by you does not exceed Rs. 25,000 in the current calendar year.
Samples of value more than Rs. 25,000- It becomes necessary for the exporter to obtain GR/PP waiver from the Reserve Bank of India.

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