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Top 5 Photo Christmas Gifts 2012

by anonymous

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I know what you’re thinking – Christmas?!?! Well guess what – it’s only about 2 months away now! Not sure about you, but I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. I’ve noticed something that has become much more popular in the last few years is personalized Christmas gifts. So here are the top five most popular that I’ve seen over the past few years for you to perhaps consider for those family and friends on your Christmas list:


Photo Mug

I did this last year for a close friend of mine – I found an old photo of the two of us, found two differently designed coffee mugs and had the photo put on the mugs so that the mugs were actually different, but the photo on them was the same. She loved it! This is a great Photobooks gift because we all know that everyone can use coffee mugs and why not make it special with a nice photo!

Christmas Cards This is something that although it’s been around for a long time – it’s still an awesome idea to me! Many families will get a holiday photo done and use that photo for their Christmas cards. A few years ago we did this, except instead of using a traditional card, we turned it into a postcard and send it out that way – people loved it! Photo Calendar

I’ve always thought this is a great idea for the grandparents! Why not take a ton of photos of your kiddos and create a full year calendar out of it for your parents to show off their grandkids!



This is considered a more extravagant photo gift, but it would be great for Mom or Dad! You can take up to 100 photos that you have laying around and actually create a photobook out of it! You can choose what size you want, the design of the book, you can insert text, images, etc. It’s a little more costly to do, but definitely great for taking a bunch of photos and having then redone in an awesome book!


Shopping Tote Bag

This is perfect for Mom! I actually had this done for my mother last year and not only did she love it, but she uses it all the time! It’s basically a recycable shopping bag where you can choose what color you want and then you can take a photo and have it printed on both sides of the bag!


Hopefully these Greeting Cards Christmas gift ideas have helped you and if you have a photo gift that you’ve given someone in the past that we haven’t named here, please comment below and share it!

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