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How to Resolve "The Application

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Are you facing Finder crash or freeze problem in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? Are you getting error '-10810', while accessing your Mac hard drive? This behavior of Finder application may prevent you from accessing a hard drive and make all your valuable data inaccessible. It may lead to significant data loss and you need Mac Data Recovery solutions to work around the problem.

In a practical scenario, Finder application may stop responding and give you the below error when you try to access a Mac OS X hard drive volume:

"The application can't be opened. -10810."

This problem most commonly occurs while accessing the external hard drives. However, there are some other situations as well, when you may face the same problem.

What Causes Finder Error in Mac OS X?

The problem occurs nevertheless of the way in which disks are mounted either using different ports (FireWire or USB) and also for the networked shares and volumes. For the networked drives, the problem may occur if you have shares, which are mounted, when waking your system from sleep.

This issue appears to be related to the faults in Mac OS X's Launch Service feature. This problem only occurs when you try to access a file using "Open With.." menu. When you attempt to open the Finder application using Terminal application, same error occurs.

How to Fix Finder Error '-10810' in Snow Leopard?

You can try out the below methods to overcome this problem and perform Data Recovery Mac:
Rebuild the Mac OS X Launch Services- Remove 'launchservices' preference files to clear the launch services. The file can be removed from user library.

Reapply the combo updater. Run full updater of Mac OS X 10.6.1.

Fix the affected permissions on boot volume using Disk Utility.

Remove existing installation of Snow Leopard and install a fresh copy.

If the above methods cannot help you to sort out the problem, you may need to perform 'Erase and Install' installation of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system. But, this process removes all the data from hard drive and creates need of Mac Data Recovery.

You can recover your lost data in an effective manner, using Mac File Recovery software. The applications are powerful enough to methodically scan the hard drive and retrieve all lost data. They enable simple and secure recovery, with interactive user interface and non-destructive behavior.

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