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High Quality DBA and UNIX Training Made Easier Online

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If you want to build your career in the field of information technology or are already a part of it, it is imperative that you keep yourself updated all the time by learning the latest technologies on offer. This way, you can grab a high paying job and keep growing professionally. In this era of Internet, online or virtual training has become indispensable. With almost every course being taught online, aspirants can undergo Oracle Database Administration or DBA and UNIX training in the cyberspace as well.


IT professionals who wish to upgrade their existing skills, but face the acute shortage of time to join a campus-based program can find web-based courses very advantageous on several fronts. Online training provides you with the flexibility of time and place. You will receive 24/7 access to audio-video classes that are repeated umpteen times.  There is also the facility to interact with instructors via live chat sessions and clear your doubts. Another benefit of online training is the presence of lots of assignments and quizzes with every course to make you perfect. A leading institution offers its students over 400 quizzes on Oracle DBA.


Oracle DBA training on the web is designed to offer beginners as well as professionals a thorough knowledge of the database administration features and particular concepts of Oracle. When the participants complete this course, they have a solid foundation and proficiency in the database management system developed by this company. The content of a web-based DBA course generally includes introduction to Oracle database, installation of Oracle software on Windows and UNIX, SGA and server architecture, Oracle processes and files, building a database, using Enterprise Manager, managing the Oracle instance, managing schema projects, administering user security, and many other topics.

Similarly, UNIX training on the Internet can give aspirants an extensive understanding of this potent multitasking and multi-user operating system. The OS has gained immense popularity because of its many plus points like running on low-cost hardware, its development in a high level language instead of an assembly language and the ease of adopting and moving to various machines. There are courses available on both basic UNIX and UNIX shell scripting online.

The basic UNIX program covers subjects such as introduction to the OS, the system startup and user environment, file system, disk usage, pipes, file redirection, wildcards, vi editor, customizing your environment, and the widely used commands. On the other hand, the UNIX shell scripting course comprises introduction to shell scripting, the first shell script, variables in shell script, flow control, looping, functions, data redirection, text processing, AWK programming, SED programming, UNIX administration using Korn shell, advanced Korn shell techniques, and accessing the database.

These respective courses of DBA Training and UNIX Training shall help the professionals learn the fundamental as well as advanced concepts, so that they can apply them in their profession whenever needed. In addition, these programs are also cost-effective and save an individual from the hassle of attending the traditional classrooms regularly. So don’t sit idle; enroll yourself and gain knowledge of the Oracle DBA and UNIX from the comfort of your home or office.

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