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About taking the stress out of data protection

by locklizardcom

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Never before in the history of mankind have people been able to share so much information at such high speeds as we do now thanks to the evolution of information technology. Millions of personal and company messages are sent over the web each day. Organizations have acquired internal networks over which members share information. All this advancement in information technology has engendered a new problem though - that of ensuring the security of the data being exchanged between people and organizations.


The media is regularly awash with news of leaked confidential documents, phone tapping, identity theft, theft of business secrets, proprietary information, and so on, all of which point to the vulnerability of data to theft by unscrupulous people. Fortunately, there are tools that can be used to beat such people at their own game. These tools come in the form of digital rights management (DRM) software and which are readily available and easy to use.


With such security software we can secure information that we transmit over the net. And DRM software comes with multiple features that enable us to do this. For instance, if a manager in a firm would like to share confidential data with a specific colleague he can use security software to encrypt the data so that even if unauthorized people access it (as is often the case) they will not be able to make sense of it. Only the intended recipient will have the special key needed to decipher the file.


The same data can however still fall into the wrong hands say if the recipient decides to share it with others within or outside the organization. Security software enables us to forestall this by setting certain limitations over the data. The manager can use DRM software to stop the recipient from copying the secure information from his/her computer to a storage device like a memory card. Printing may be another option for the recipient but with this software it is possible to render the file unprintable. What’s more, the manager can even set a lifespan for the file after which it can no longer be accessed.


Whereas it may not be possible to prevent unauthorized access to computers and company networks where secure information is stored, security software can allow us to stop unauthorized people from making use of the information. It is also possible to easily identify the person behind leaks and theft of information. With DRM software we can watermark documents and implement features that can identify individual users such that it will be easy to pinpoint which individuals have accessed the secure information.

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