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The Best Smoking Invention Yet- The Electric Cigarette

by davein

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As time goes by, man will always find a better way to approach different issues in life. It is in the bid to find lasting and working solutions for most problems we are bound to find along our paths. As such, inventions are made that simply simplify things for us and for the better in most cases. For instance, cigarette smoking has been a killer for a very long time. With the effects brought about by tobacco and its elements, there has been the need to find an answer for the norm. Now, a solution has been found; the electric cigarette.

An electric cigarette is a mechanical device that substitutes the normal tobacco cigarette and enabling one to live a healthier smoking life. This option has been attributed as one of the best ways to quit the vice or can be taken up as a replacement of the health risky tobacco cigarette. This is because the electronic option provides a lasting solution to your addiction. The first and major benefit is that it is healthier to the user; a normal cigarette has about 4,000 different components in it, of which most are unsafe to the health of the user, while the electric option is more refined and only offers about 20 non-risk different components.

The great thing about this invention is that you get a proper fix of nicotine as you need it. A normal cigarette will mostly come to the end as it is extinguishes. However, an electric cigarette will give you a fix with every drag you make for up to 100 drags provided the battery is fully charged and the propylene glycol is enough in the reservoir. Propylene glycol is a liquid which acts like a nicotine substitute; once heated up in a process within the cigarette, it breaks down to a nicotine gas that then the user inhales.

The benefit of having this cigarette option as your tobacco cigarette substitute is that you get to save more. A pack of e-cigs can last is compared to a carton of normal cigarettes; while at the same time, you get to refill this option meaning you can get to use it for longer. Apart from all that, the electric cigarette is not as irritating as the tobacco based ones. An e-cig has no smell, no smoke and no major visible side effects like yellowing of teeth. If you are looking for a lasting solution to your smoking problem, then the E-cigarettes are what you need to consider.

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