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Tours by Rickshaws? That sounds incredible!

by benjaminedward

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So, it should only take a quick glance out the window, or a quick ear lean to the sides, if you’re in a quiet building, to see that the current weather situation occurring in our heaving metropolis is less than satisfactory. Of course, that’s only for some. Others, many of whom are great friends, prefer the weather to be dark and gloomy. The juxtaposition of the gorgeous city against the backdrop of the black clouds that are seemingly engulfing the capital, make for quite scenic views. However, if you’re a tourist that has just landed in town, there should be no surprising you. London, known around the world as quite a wet place, still remains one of the greatest districts on the planet. But the last thing you want to be doing is walking around the town when you’re bumping into plenty of others with your umbrella. Not to mention the unsightly wet feet that were not made for walking this far. Don’t let this put you off embarking on one of the tours in London; instead just alter your way of going about it.


Taking a scenic trip around town via the underground is, excuse our French, just a bit silly. You won’t see anything, except maybe a rat or a very funny advertising campaign on one of the billboards that litter the tubes. Though wandering around town when the weather is less than satisfactory is... well, less than satisfactory! Taking a car is a bit boring - who wants to sit around in a taxi all day. In fact, we’re confident you’ll be more interested in the meter then you will the sights. That’s why, increasing in popularity everyday, we suggest opting for one of the London tours by rickshaws. With a sturdy and rigid cover to keep you dry, no zip up bags for us, there is never a wet moment when you’re travelling by rickshaw in the city.


Getting where cars, buses and tubes can’t, you see the city from a whole new perspective when you embark one of the rickshaw London tours that are available. When it comes to seeing the town, you can’t pinpoint your favourite places, picked from a book, and head straight for them. You need to get in on the action, and allow yourself to really expose yourself to every London way of life. Such a cosmopolitan town, it’s said that you can travel around the world with just a few stops of the rickshaw. The comfort aspect has been taken into account, with previous misconceptions of this style of travel completely quashed. Now they are the hippest things around. It’s no wonder they’re so in demand. It’s a novelty without being so incredibly tacky. We love!


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