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The Most Signal and EA Reviews Ever! is going from Strength to Strength! As the reputation of LiveForexTrading.infospreads across the internet we are gaining exposure to many more 
profitable traders and EA developers. We have the pleasure of offering more of these signals and EA reviews to our members in the coming few Signals
This month saw the introduction of Erio's Precious Earner as our 4th Team Trader Signal. This signal is an adaptation of the successful Erio's Earner that has been 
specially designed to trade gold.Erio's Earner  + 33.6%This signal has now been trading for 4 months and has yet to experience a montly return of less than 20%. There was a slight issue with a drawdown of approximately 12% 
during the NFP release, however it recovered quickly and Erio is putting measures in place to insulate the EA from this news release in the future. On the 7th October 
we are increasing the price of Erio's Earner to $98USD per month for all new subscribers. Only existing subscribers will be entitled to continue atthe existing price of $49USD per month.In2ition Trading - 15.6%After a horrible August, In2ition trading responded well be recovering almost all the losses and it's now back to business for this signal.Erio's Precious Earner  + 3.5%This is the first month that we are featuring this signal through our trade copier. The performance of the EA was nice and consistent throughout the month and it 
performed as expected.Pound Dollar Profits - 14.8%September was the first losing month for Pound Dollar Profits since March. The reduced volatility has created difficulty for my trading, but frankly you can only blame 
external factors for so long before a change in the strategy needs to be addressed. I've worked with several experienced traders over the past week who have mentored 
me on how to improve the strategy. You can expect to see some minor adjustments in the trading style that should start to deliver profitable trades once again. 
Commercial EA's and Signal Providers John Pearce is reviewing all our newly tested EA's, however I'll still be providing comments on the existing tests of older EA's. Volatility Factor + 42.3%Nick - This looks like an impressive result, but it only brings the account to marginally above the watermark high of July. I guess that's why it's called Voliatiilty 
Factor!Forex Envy 3.0 + 41.7%Jon Pearce - This EA had a great month. I have the live account running with High Volatility (HV) settings on both Long and Short cycles. The key to Forex Envy seems 
to lie in running the safest set files (HV) and using a broker with 1:1000 leverage. It will be interesting to monitor the long term performance with this EA subjectto the account not blowing. Maximum DD on the live account was 33% but a number of Envy account were blown last month. Use with caution and the lowest risk possible!HaruEA +31.1%Nick - This is another EA that has joined the 100% club with a total return of 131% on equity in around 9 months. Don't forget we have the worldwide exclusive license 
to distribute this EA!Forex Growth Bot + 29.1%Nick - It had a great month taking advantage of some large moves on the back of news releases. This EA has now returned a very impressive 122% on equity since I 
started trading it over 12 months ago.Forex Gold Machine  + 25.2% With an amazing 350 trades in just 11 days, the action rarely stops with this EA. Opening up to ten orders per pair on 9 supported pairs, 
good money management is paramount. The EA has gone through 5 upgrades since I first installed it due to bugs discovered by the vendor.Hopefully a final bug free version will be released soon and long term profitability can be determined. I feel it would do well with a trailing stop kicking in at the 
5 pip profit level to lock winnings in earlier. On a number of occasions, I have observed the price retracing to S/L after the trade was in profit. Another possible 
alternative would be reducing the T/P level to a more attainable 5 pips. Certainly an interesting EA showing early potential and plenty of action! ( Thelatest version V1.5.3 took a big hit earlier today. I feel the latest version is faulty and awaiting a response from the vendor.)Pipjet + 3.9%Jon Pearce -11 trades for the month of September and all winners. As expected, PipJet is very similar to Megadroid in its trading. A low trading frequency but highly 
accurate entries with the trades it does take. Looks like a slow but steady long term trading strategy like its predecessor Megadroid. Certainly an EA too keep an eye 
on given theresults so far!Forex Thor II  +1.9%John Pearce - A miniscule 1.9% gain for Thor on Armada Markets. I feel this EA is very broker dependant as other users have reported much better gains with other 
brokers. Cores 1 and 3 disabled themselves for a period of time and required reloading onto the charts after restarting the MT4. This may well have had an impact on 
the profitability for the month. Will continue to monitor Thor with interest but results to date have been rather disappointing.Honest Forex Signals -18.9%Nick - I thought about pulling the pin on this signal service last month. But then I got caught up working on other things (that actually make money) and forgot that I 
was still trading it. They are experimenting trading some other pairs on different strategies. But the fact remains they are still 42% down after 9 months of trading, 
so I have to ask why I'm bothering. I'll be pulling the pin on this in the next week as soon as I find the time to withdraw the money from my account.FX Phantom -Abandoned  I now have a grand total of $5 left from my $2k account... what can I say other than stay away from this EA! Keep an eye out for some new traders joining our team in 
the coming months. One trial team trader returned an astounding 570% in September! See you in the trading room!
Nick McDonaldTeam Trader

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