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Protect Vital Company Records with Williams Storage Solution

by rubybadcoe

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Organizations rely on documents to accomplish various daily tasks. For instance, an architect hired for a major renovation project will need to ask permission from the local county clerk or land registrar’s office to review the building's blueprint before he can draw up new plans. Blueprints contain the original building plans and are considered legal records that should be accessible to the public upon request.

While blueprints can now be electronically scanned and stored in computers, CDs, and DVDs, it's critical to keep the physical copies in a safe place. It thus becomes necessary to hire companies that provide storage solutions. Williams storage services and similar solutions help ensure that blueprints and other vital records—such as financial records, contracts, deeds, licenses, and policy manuals—are all kept in a secure environment.

In addition to security benefits, storage providers help ensure that information does not get lost due to the breakdown of a physical storage device. For instance, computer hard disks, CDs, and DVDs normally last up to eight years with poor handling—a factor that eventually renders data unreadable after some point. Storage devices are best kept inside air-tight containers housed within climate-controlled storage units. This way, data can still be accessed after several years.

Storage solutions can also benefit insurance companies that record interviews with accident victims on magnetic tapes, which are later used as references when processing insurance claims. These magnetic tapes often become susceptible to dust and humidity if they're not stored properly, which can result in data loss. Luckily, containers equipped with magnetic shielding properties ensure that magnetic tapes can resist dust and other harmful elements.

Meanwhile, the film reels from movie production companies require suitable storage conditions to preserve the quality of the films. While present-day digital technologies enable experts to restore badly damaged film, these technologies are often costly to use and cannot always guarantee the desired results. Similarly, libraries that use CD-ROMs and microfilms can benefit from enlisting the services of a storage solutions provider.

One of the biggest enemies of any storage facility is fire. The good news is that the fire lock vaults used in Williams storage facilities are designed to withstand fire for up to four hours. These vaults are constructed from structural steel, mesh, and a ceramic insulating fiber like that used in Space Shuttles. For more information, visit

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