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The bare truth about sex in the entertainment industry

by Jamesanderson

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Twenty-one year old Teyana Taylor is one of the many celebrities in the entertainment industry. She has achieved enviable success as a singer, actor, choreographer and stylist, and to top it up she has worked with NeYo and Jay-Z. Taylor is a quintessential celebrity and has been at it since sixteen but there is one thing about her that is quite remarkable - at 21 she is a virgin and very proud of it.


In a recent interview with Black Men Magazine she emphasized that her present focus is on her career and that she is giving sex a wide berth until she feels ready. Many celebrity watchers would be surprised by Taylor’s attitude towards sex considering how sexualized the entertainment industry is. What will shock celebrity watchers even more is that their perceptions about sex in the entertainment industry are mostly wrong, if the details of candid interviews with many celebrities are anything to go by.


Black Men Magazine has conducted numerous interviews with celebrities including rap models. The interviews with rap models are illustrative of the divergence between our perceptions and the reality as concerns sex and entertainment. Most tend to assume that sex is inextricably part and parcel of the entertainment industry. We cannot really blame ourselves entirely though because we see a lot of sexual themes in virtually all contexts of entertainment ranging from hip hop music to movies and even TV shows. We more often than not see scantily clad rap models gyrating in music videos and therefore can’t help to think that is what their lives are all about.


Here is the truth though. First of all, the sexual theme in entertainment is exaggerated. Producers and directors believe that sex sells, and it does, so they capitalize on it. What you see however is just an image created for your entertainment pleasure and does not reflect the personal lives of the people involved. Secondly, many entertainers including rap models do not mix sex with their professional business. In interviews with the models nearly all of them emphasized that they don’t mix business with pleasure and that they will never get sexually involved with anyone as a means to achieving greater fame or success – directly contradicting what many people think. Besides, some of these women are married or involved in steady relationships that are of much importance to them.


On the question of beauty, the celebrities interviewed have once again proven most of us wrong. The popular notion among celebrity watchers is that beauty opens all doors in the entertainment industry. However, as we have learnt from the celebrities themselves, beauty can only take you so far, the rest of the way requires hard work, ambition and determination. All we need to know therefore is that these pros appearances do not equal reality and so we shouldn’t believe the lie that the entertainment industry is all about sex. We should know and appreciate that the celebrities who entertain us have rich personal lives just like we do.


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