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Keeping Your Server Room Orderly

by lancevartanian

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Data storage is an usual requirement for many companies. To make sure the information is protected, data storage and network server hardware are placed in a safe location, connected to other computers with network cable televisions and secured by security passwords. To successfully carry out all these functions, servers must have more random access memory (RAM) and a bigger disk capability than the home computer staff members generally use.

Aside from the essential system requirements, a server needs to be kept in a secure spot where only authorized IT workers have access to it. The server space should also have an access system in which personnel must key in a code prior to they can enter. Anytime a non-IT staff member has to get in the server space, he needs to be accompanied by an authorized IT personnel.

Organizing a server room can take a great deal of work as the IT team must make sure that the server is safeguarded from dirt and other unsafe elements. For these purposes, a server shelf would be beneficial. If only one server is used, the rack can conveniently be mounted on the wall. However, for several servers, a protected server closet would be more appropriate.

The servers have to be positioned where they can effortlessly be accessed when needed to have. There should be enough area for the IT team to move around and use the keyboard in case they should input codes or details. To make sure the keyboard stays intact, a rackmount keyboard drawer can be used, which typically comes with a touchpad or a trackball computer mouse.

A traditional rackmount keyboard drawer would have slide rails, which avoid the keyboard or compartment from relocating while keying in. In case the IT personnel must access two servers simultaneously, it would also be a benefit if the keyboard drawer is integrated with keyboard, video presentation, and mouse (KVM) switch over cables. USB ports on the keyboard drawer are furthermore necessary.

Servers that are used to oversee Web or e-mail task must be kept accessible at all times. Since information tracking is a critical workflow component, screens have to be put securely in the server room utilizing a monitor drawer. For more info, check out

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