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Roof Maintenance: Caring For Your Tiled Roof

by linokosters

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For centuries, people have used tiles as roofing products, and with good reason. They're nice to look at, can sustain almost anything that Nature tosses at them, and have thermal properties that are suitable for the weather. If your residence has a tile roof, you can make it last as long as your residence stands-- and as long as you live-- with correct upkeep.

Regular Cleaning

Moss and mildew can accumulate on tile roofs. The best way to remove these is through using a pressure washer. Fill the pressure washer with a weakened bleach solution, which minimizes and eliminates organisms that form moss and mildew. Set the pressure washer at 1,200 psi, and spray at a distance of 2 feet away from the tiles. You may vary the pressure, but it really should not be sturdy enough to remove the tiles.

Regular Assessment

Though your tile roof needs minimal maintenance, you ought to examine it a minimum of once a year. Be alert for cracked or broken tiles. Knowledgeable workers use plywood walkways with foam backs to prevent ruining the tiles throughout inspection. If you cannot make one of those pathways, it's ok to walk over tile roofs straight, as long as you distribute your weight effectively. Replace damaged tiles when feasible.

Tile Replacement

Professionals in roofing Clearwater properties pry away ruined tiles, along with the roofing nails, very carefully. Roof cement is applied over areas where replacement tiles should be. If only a few tiles are broken, slightly weaker adhesives are generally sufficient. The tiles must be weighed down snugly. Beware not to spread the cement or adhesive too thickly.


Buffing, priming, painting, and sealing all provide additional security to Clearwater roofing constructed from tiles. Buffing is simply wiping the tile with a clean rag. Clear alkyd primers give tiles their sheen, while clear acrylic sealants restore tiles' resilience and color. You can even alter the tiles' colour using durable acrylic paint.

Bear in mind 3 Rs when maintaining tile roofs: regular cleaning and assessment, replacement, and repairs. If you desire much better outcomes for tile roof maintenance, you may hire service providers for roof repair Clearwater citizens rely on. For a detailed tile roof repair work treatment, check out

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