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Prevent Data Loss When Vista System Reloads

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Amongst the various versions of Windows, the most used ones are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Despite the fact that Vista was a successor to XP, there are a number of differences that exist between the two. Owing to this, at times, users face a lot of problem. And, in worst situations, they even end up losing their vital data. In such situations, they have no option but to opt for Windows data recovery.


Consider, you have a Windows Vista installed computer, and you use it to partition your hard disk drive. You install XP on another partition. The Setup shows with the text-mode part that the process has successfully been completed. But, on trying to restart the computer, it cannot be done successfully to enter the graphical mode of the setup process, and you find yourself stuck with the following message:


'Error loading operating system'


On trying to use sysprep image of XP professional, you'll find that the system will restart incessantly

after the first restart operation. On pressing F8 and disabling "automatic restart", you may get a Stop error message: 


Stop: 0x000000ED (0X81F85678, 0xC000014F,0x00000000,0x00000000)





When a partition is created, after the first partition the following free space is created at the start of the disk. Depending on how the border of this partition is constructed, the free space size is calculated. The size of the partition varies depending on how it was created. When partition is created in XP, the free space equals a cylinder, and in Vista, it varies on the basis of registry settings. Due to this, when a user partitions hard disk using Vista, and then installs XP without using XP to repartition the disk, though the text-mode part of XP setup completes, the computer refuses to start, and stops responding. And you lose all your data, unless you opt for ways to recover partition.


How to Prevent:


The BIOS configuration has an 'automatic disk translation' feature that a user should disable before partitioning the hard drive.


You can make certain changes in the registry directly, before you partition hard disk in Vista, to ensure that the partitions are created using XP procedure. But this should be done by advanced users.


But these steps can help before the problem has occurred. If you have encountered this situation already, then your only hope is formatting of the hard drive, followed by reinstallation of the operating system. This needs to be followed by Windows data recovery using backup.


If backup is unavailable, then you have to opt for Partition Recovery software. These are third-party tools that deploy complex recovery algorithms to recover partition and extract data.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can help you resolve this problem. Compatible with  Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000, this Partition Recovery software is a must have for all your recovery needs.



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