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Making Use of Social Media Release for Public Relations

by rushprnews

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After nearly 100 years of traditional press release, the social media release has arrived to open up dialogues in many new ways. These can be considered to be complementary, as traditional press release reaches the traditional media while the SMR reaches the social media. Ane Howard (, a social media strategist and a public relations veteran believes that “the difference between a PR and Social Media campaign is that social media is focused on strengthening the relationships that people have with a brand via a two-way interaction, and takes place on a daily and continuing basis.” Ane said to us that “a social media release with its strong digital components of image, video and rss feeds has an extended shelf life on the web through repeat viewing in various online communities that a traditional press release does not posses.”

It is the social media release that has made it so easy for people to share important information with others while also being able to add their own unique perspective to that text.

Also, the social search engines do not readily pick up the traditional press release. In fact, the SMR is an excellent way to get traffic to a company websites. Basically, it is just the basic press release that has been altered in order to become more suitable to the environment on the Internet. The goal of the social media release is also to provide concise information to media journalists in order to give them assistance in writing about your business. Besides, it offers various benefits to the online reader. Various keywords as well as links can be used in order to optimize the SMR and make it get more attention in the search rankings.

Just like a traditional press release, even a social media release has a catchy headline. It focuses on a specific benefit of your product or service and is used to drive home several points that will be able to emphasize that benefit.

The social media release is used in public relations as it has links within its text that is used to direct people to your site. This is why SEO tactics such as keywords are to be used in it. In addition, it will also have your IM as well as VoIP contact information so that the end users are able to contact you easily. As compared to a traditional press release, it has multimedia links such as audio files besides embedded videos. Even though it is a new thing, people are coming up with innovative ways for using this in public relations.

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