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Buying a New Home? Be Cautious of the Presence of Termites

by lucilelynch

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If you plan to obtain a foreclosed or previously owned house, you have to be extra mindful. There have been cases wherein no obvious damage in the residence was noticed, but then it manifested soon after the new owner has transferred into the home; an illustration of this is termite infestation. You have to keep an eye out for the following warnings when evaluating a house you're planning to invest in:

Mud Tubes

In their search for food and water, termites build mud tunnels that function as paths from their den to a source of food. So, investigate walls, brickwork, concrete slabs, and various other structural parts that are constructed from wood, or found near wooden beams or material, to ensure that there are no gray or brown mud tubes on their surfaces, edges, and corners.

Hollow Sounding Wood

Termites are known to eat homes from the inside out; hence, don't forget to tap and knock on the wood all over the premises that you're looking at. A hollow noise upon thumping indicates that termites are just about done with their food and you need to be walking out of that house.

Compromised Wood

If you're acquiring a new property in Orange County, California, and you want a more thorough assessment to be done, you can pay for a proficient termite inspection Orange County real estate agents recommend. They'll definitely inspect for signs of wood damage that are linked with termites. Buckling, sagging, and crumbling wood posts, structures, or drywall are a sign of an infestation. Also, blistered paint on the walls could possibly indicate that the wood behind it has been weakened by termites.

Small Holes

Professionals in pest control Orange County locals grasp that termites aren't choosy eaters. They'll bite their way through plaster, wallpaper, and drywall if they have to. Hence, always evaluate the aforementioned areas for tiny holes or cavities.

Since a home is an investment that costs thousands of dollars, you need to opt for a residential property that won't present you any problems that could possibly lead to expensive repair works or reconstruction undertakings. This is why termite inspection in Orange County real estate residential properties that you're considering to get is necessary. For more tips and facts, you can check out

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