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Total Disc Replacement India at Low Cost, Total Disc Replace

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Total Disc Replacement India

Total disc replacement is indicated for patients who have severe lower or upper back pain due to deformity of the vertebral bones. Arthroplasty where degenerated discs are replaced with prosthetics made of flexible and strong materials. Because total disc replacements absorb shock well and maintain their alignment, they are an alternative to other kinds of spine surgery.

How a Disc Is Replaced ?

Spine surgeons at the Cedars-Sinai Spine Hospital are at the forefront of development and evaluation of a safe and effective artificial disc. Although the idea of an artificial disc is not new, artificial disc replacement technology has just in the recent decade become mature enough to be used clinically in extensive testing in Europe. The unique biomechanical challenges of artificial disc replacement have presented a challenge of both design and material.

Who Performs Total Disc Replacement Surgeries?

Disc replacement surgical procedure is generally performed by an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine care or neurosurgeon as well as a vascular or general surgeon. Surgeons should be chosen according to their expertise and experience in related fields.

Total disc replacement at low cost and high quality is now within reach through WorldMed Assist. We arrange all aspects of your disc replacement surgery India and will act as your patient .

Disc replacement surgery in India has successful results. The disc is a tough but pliable tissue that helps maintain the position of the spine, but also allows motion between the vertebrae. As India is one of the finest tourist destinations through out the world the patients coming here to get themselves disk replacement treatment are being provided with a holiday vacation tour arranged by the medical tourism India at a very affordable price along with the Disc replacement in India.

How cervical disc replacement works

The new artificial Prestige cervical disc is inserted into the neck using a technique similar to the one that surgeons use when performing a spinal fusion. A recent clinical trial comparing the clinical outcomes of cervical artificial disc replacement .

Lumbar Disc Replacement Surgery in India

The availability of lumbar disc replacement surgery in India is a boon for patients suffering from chronic pain in their lower back. This surgery is a new and innovative treatment for patients who have found no respite from non-surgical methods such as pain medication, back brace, or physiotherapy.

Life After Disc Replacement

Pain relief, the reduction of further degeneration and resumption of daily activities are typical goals of spine surgery. While both fusion surgery and artificial disc replacement can provide pain relief and stability, with spinal fusion the vertebrae surrounding the disc space are immobilized, and therefore limit flexibility in that area of the spine. Laboratory testing shows that patients who have undergone total disc replacement have more movement in the spine.

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