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With An E cigarette, Get Rid Of More Than 4000 Toxins

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Composition of regular cigarettes

A regular cigarette contains almost 4000 harmful chemicals including toxins and various other substances. A tobacco cigarette also has almost 25 carcinogenic chemicals that are known to cause cancer. The tar that is present in the smoke of tobacco, when inhaled, can accumulate in lungs. This accumulation is sticky and is brownish deposit that can lead to the development of pulmonary disease Emphysema. Besides just this disease there are many more problems that are the result of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.

Switch to electronic cigarettes to get rid of these toxins

Considering usage of an E cigarette over regular cigarette is a healthier option. Though the electronic cigarette consists of nicotine, it is in purified form that does not contain carcinogenic, which makes it a healthier option. More energy, stamina, resistance, and a better life are the after effects of quitting the regular tobacco smoke and switching to electronic cigarettes. It is not claimed to be the healthiest option because even nicotine can be harmful to a certain extent and can even be addictive.

An electronic cigarette produced by Nicolites and similar companies is generally of two parts, a smaller part and a bigger part. The smaller part comprises the cartridge that is filled with liquid nicotine. The liquid nicotine can be availed in various flavors. The level of nicotine can also be decided by the user depending on the requirement and addiction. If the user wishes to quit smoking, then they can gradually keep decreasing the nicotine strength. The larger part consists of battery and LED light. The battery is rechargeable and can run for one full day, and if the user is a heavy smoker then they need at least two batteries per day. The LED light gets lit up when the smoker takes a puff. This will give the users a feel of regular cigarette but without the usage of lighters.

Besides getting rid of harmful chemicals, users can also get rid of restrictions of smoking that are imposed on smoking regular cigarettes in certain places. These cigarettes are allowed to be used in all the places, be it a bar, club, restaurant, hotel or even an airport. But because the E cigarette looks exactly like a regular cigarette, it is necessary to let the owners of the place know that it is an electronic cigarette. It is 75 percent less expensive than regular cigarettes, and to get more discounts you can always look for online stores that sell the electronic cigarettes and related accessories. Overall health of the user as well as the environment improves with the usage of electronic cigarettes.

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