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Screen Printing

by smithbrian

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T-shirts present a perfect opportunity to establish a clothing line because they are ideal for screen printing. Even then, it is the process of selecting a screen printer that is tough because there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration such as the quality of the print, the cost and duration of time required to get the job done among things.  Consequently, going for a wrong screen printer means that you may end up with poor quality and wrongly printed tees that you will not be able to sell completely or sell at a loss.

One of the best ways of identifying a great screen printing company in Lincoln Nebraska is getting a recommendation from someone who has worked with the printer and is sure that they are capable of delivering high quality work. The second factor that is important when identifying a screen printer is the ability of the company to print multiple design colors. Ideally, good printers like have the capacity to print designs that have more than six colors while maintaining high quality.

The third important consideration is whether the print company that you would like to contract has its own art department. This is very vital because this means that they are able to produce their own films and are familiar with the production procedures. Most importantly, this is a great sign that they will deliver high quality work as they are able to deal with any changes that may be required on the films. On such company is Screen Printing Lincoln Nebraska that has an online presence at

Also worth considering when looking for a screen printing company is the ability of the company to provide you an opportunity to evaluate the pdf or jpeg designs for any adjustments prior to the actual printing. It is at this stage that you can check on the color, size as well as other factors. In addition, you will do well to be on the look out of the overall cost of the screen printing service so that you are not subjected to hidden charges.  These are usually passed through the cost of films, pantone color matching or even the screens. This means that when negotiating for your package, you will need to find out if such charges are included. One of the advantages of getting your screen printing done at is that they offer competitive pricing and you are guaranteed that there will be no extra or hidden costs cropping up. Finally, you will do well to only consider working with those companies whose work you have seen as you will have an idea of what to expect. Moreover, based on the nature of work you are sampling you will definitely be in a state where you can make a decision on whether or not you will go ahead to make an order. In summary, while screen printing is guaranteed to produce great quality prints, it is important to consider other factors as discussed above in your choice of a screen printer.


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