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Breaking lease

by KristinWard

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Planning to leave your apartment before your lease is up? Well here are somethings to consider. If you leave before your time is up, your landlord can legally hold you responsible for the rent until your contract is up, or a new tenant is found. Fortunately they do have to actively search for a new tenant.

Not all landlords will charge you rent, instead they just might charge you a fee for breaking your lease. Generally this is most if not all of your deposit. Check your lease agreement, there could very well be an article regarding just that.

Your best bet is to let your landlord know a head of time and work something out. Offer to help pay for advertisment so that a new tenant can move in as soon as you leave. Its a lot cheaper then paying a month or two of rent. Most landlords will be willing to let you go without any hassle if they have a replacement tenant who is as good as you or better.

If your looking for what makes a tenant a good one in the eyes of a landlord I recommend checking out or for more on what a landlord looks for.

If your looking to move out due to health issues or other violations of your lease then make sure that everything is properly documented and legally get your lease broken. If you just leave, you are still liable even if the landlord has violated the terms of the lease.

For more information on breaking lease and other tenant issues check out

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