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Ford’s Fuel Efficiency Program: One Fuel-efficient Step

by delsiemaidens

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How far have car brands like Ford come in their quest to create green cars? With hybrid cars all over the place, you can say that they’ve gone really far—but not far enough. There’s still a lot to do before the world fully appreciates the benefit of owning a car that relies less on fossil fuel.

Still, you can’t ignore the fact that today’s cars tend to be more eco-friendly thanks to efforts to cure a dying world. What innovations have car brands come up with for the near future? Here is a look at Ford’s step-by-step plan for a cleaner and greener planet.

Weight reduction

Ford plans to shift to using lighter materials for their car manufacturing, which would translate to a lighter and more fuel-efficient car. By reducing a vehicle’s weight to around 250 to 750 lbs and putting a fuel-efficient engine under the hood, Ford hopes to improve the fuel economy of their cars by as much as seven percent. It may seem like a small figure, but every percent counts.

Energy management

With electric power-assisted steering, the days when hydraulic gears helped you steer cars are all but gone. This four-percent increase in fuel efficiency can be credited to the fact that electricity is now helping drivers steer their Lincoln or Ford Oakville cars owners prefer more smoothly. More gas, as a result, can be diverted to other essential areas.


The transition of cars from fossil fuel to electric engines is rather slow; but that’s how change, in general, often happens. It may take a long time before every Lincoln or Ford in Oakville or other cities shift to clean energy as their source of fuel. For now, people are settling for cars with hybrid configuration, meaning they run on both gas and clean energy. The Fusion Hybrid is Ford’s representative in the lineup of hybrid vehicles in the market.

Read more on how Ford is chipping in to heal a dying world one fuel-efficient step at a time by visiting their site at You may also ask any car dealer of Ford or Lincoln Oakville car buyers rely on if they offer any fuel-efficient models.

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