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On Selecting Drapes: 4 Tips You Can Check Out

by roxietenner

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Window treatments like drapes do more than simply cover your windows. They boost your windows' look—and, essentially, the look of your rooms—and help your windows shield your home from the elements, excess light, and temperature extremes. These things are attainable only if you pick the right window treatment for your Philadelphia house.
Are draperies the most fitting window therapy for your home?

Apart from drapes, you have shutters, shades, blinds, valances, and cornices. Consider the kind of windows you have (e.g. do you have long and narrow windows, or wide and short ones?), and choose which treatment matches them. Will drapery fabric suffice for your purposes, or do you want more opaque materials such as metal, plastic, or wood? If you select drapes, think of what type of material you ought to use, the fabric's color, the design, et cetera.

Take measurements

It's one thing to measure your window, and another to approximate the width and length of drapes that suit it. As a rule of thumb, your drapes' width ought to be twice or thrice your windows'. This ensures that you can close the draperies without a space through the middle. The length, however, hinges on the style you desire.

Select Style

The textile of draperies Philadelphia residents can purchase is essential to determining the length, as well as just how they'll hang over your window. For your living room, select long drapes made from silk or taffeta, as these give a more formal mood to the room. Conversely, cotton and linen fabrics are better for bedrooms given that they provide an easygoing appearance. As for the way the drapes are hung, tab top and grommet curtains look casual; use basic curtains with a pocket for the rod to make a room look fancy.

Opt for Functionality

Make use of the kind of drapery Philadelphia residences have that is energy-efficient and insulated. Insulated curtains keep cool air in and drafts out. Energy-efficient curtains, however, can aid you in saving valuable dollars on your month-to-month electric bill.

You have plenty of choices among the draperies Philadelphia. The question is: Which choice is the most suitable one for your windows? For even more related information on picking draperies, go to

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