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Wheelchair and Electric Scooter: Types of Assistive Mobility

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It becomes very difficult to choose the right mobility aid for any disabled or elderly person from the array of options available in the market. In order to make an informed decision, the user should understand the differences between electric scooters and mobility wheelchairs properly. This will help determine which vehicle is suitable to meet their individual needs.


Assistive mobility equipment like wheelchairs or manual rolling chairs are devices made for people who face severe mobility issues. If a person can’t use a cane or walker safely, then he may use a rolling manual wheelchair to aid his moving abilities. People suffering from paralysis or old age weakness can’t use this device, as it requires force from upper body to push it in desired location. These devices are designed with four wheels and are quite heavy to carry easily to distant places. They can be used indoors only since carrying them outdoors is not feasible. Some wheelchair models are foldable, but are not compact enough to fit at the back of the car or which can be carried in the flights to different cities. Moreover, they are not very strong and lightweight to use. They don’t have any digital features to enhance speed and mobility functions like electric scooters.


Other types of assistive equipment are electric scooters, which run with the help of motorized body. They come in various models like three wheeled and four wheeled models for use. They are strong and come in foldable options as well. The user can easily dismantle the entire device and carry along to distant places either in the car or in the flights. Electric scooters are the best mobility aids for long-term use as they are high-tech piece of equipment designed with a host of advanced features to support mobility needs. They come with one touch features like steering, speed controls, and instant brake system. They give smooth and safe riding experience as compared to wheelchairs. They can be easily customized according to the user’s needs and requirements. They are available online and any buyer can compare different features of electric based models to find the right one for their use. Many companies have also launched various essential accessories to enhance the riding experience like dual oxygen cylinder rack, wedge shaped cushion seats, tube style handle bars, etc. They can be used indoor as well as outdoors efficiently. In all, electric mobility scooters are the better disability vehicles for the needy available in the market today.


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