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Tips on how to maintain bathroom washbasins

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Designing and remodeling your house with beautiful things and accessories is easy, but maintaining them is difficult. The most important areas of the house, which is difficult to maintain is kitchen and bathroom.  Places like bathroom washbasins are one of the most heavily used and difficult areas to maintain. There are different techniques and ways to clean them. Hand gloves, scrubber, sponge cloth,  paper towel or cleaning cloth are some of the tools you will need for cleaning off the entire dirt from the sink. Always keep a garbage can near while cleaning any part of the house.


Before you start off with the cleaning mission, it is very important to choose the right cleaning detergent for the sink. Never use harsh chemicals as they can erode the surface material and make it abrasive. Choose the right detergent depending on the material of the sink. Most of the time, liquid soap solution will work fine in removing stubborn dirt and patches in the sink. Put a little amount of liquid detergent on the sink surface and leave it for some time. This will give time to the detergent or cleaning solution to act on the dirt or stubborn stain area. Now use a good quality scrubbing pad and if the stains are stubborn enough, then scrub the sink thoroughly. This will require extra effort if it’s been a long time you have not cleaned the area or if there is a significant build-up of toothpaste, make-up, lotion or any other products on the sink. After scrubbing, rinse the sink thoroughly with warm water. Replace the cleaner in its storage place and rinse all the used scrubbing cloths with warm water. Warm water helps in removing germs and kills bacterial growth.


Now put on your hand gloves and remove all the accumulated junk or hair from the sink plug. Discard the junk in the trash and wash thoroughly with plain water. After rinsing dry with paper towel, as water spots are visible on stainless steel sinks. For fresh looking bathrooms regularly clean used areas like bathroom washbasins, toilet seats, bathtubs and cabinets. Store the cloths and cleaner under the sink for quick access. Dispose the paper towel in the trash can and maintain weekly for a clean and hygienic feel. It is necessary to maintain bathroom cleanliness as it can be a hub for bacterial growth due to wet environment.


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