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Antiperspirant therapy the best bet for excessive sweating?

by himalayan

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Usually each one of us does have some amount of sweating in underarms, on face, palms and soles and a little more on back and chest if we performed rigorous physical exercise. For some people though there suffer from profuse sweating irrespective of physical exertion or not. These people are said to suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, simply known as excessive sweating.

How to know if you suffer from excessive sweating?

If you should be having hyperactive sweat glands they produce more sweat than what your body generally needs to in order to regulate body temperature. This is when you notice sweat stains on your clothes in certain places such as underarms and have clammy and wet palms, soles and scalp to that extent that you may want to change your clothing few times in a day than your friends would normally do to avoid smelling bad or looking ugly with stained clothes.

Additionally you are said to suffer from hyperhidrosis if you would sweat uncontrollably in spite of being seated indoors or in an air-conditioned environment.

In any case it should be noted that excessive sweating is often times associated with unpleasant body odor.

Is there any treatment for excessive sweating?

According to an independent survey, less than half the people suffering from hyperhidrosis do not know that it is some problem for which medical attention is essential. If you notice that you sweat excessively that means you must take a visit to your physician still better your dermatologist or endocrinologist.

There are several treatments available today that should help you excessive sweating although for years now it’s believed that excessive sweating is a problem that can be cured only by surgery called the endoscopic transthoracic surgery (ETS), which means removal of nerve/s that stimulate sweat glands or the removal of hyperactive sweat glands per se. It may actually sound to be the best remedy for the problem but there are complications associated with the surgery and many people complain of rebounding problem. That is why surgery becomes the last resort to address the problem.

Otherwise there are prescription oral drugs, which are prescribed in some circumstances. The oral prescription medications for sweating are formulated to prevent stimulation of the sweat glands which help control the excessive sweating.

There is also antiperspirant therapy, which indeed is the most widely used treatment for excessive sweating. Use of a strong antiperspirant could help people with mild hyperhidrosis. However, a dermatologist would recommend use of prescription-strength antiperspirant formula which has to be applied every day or every alternate day depending on the severity of the problem.

To sum up it should be remembered that excessive facial and underarm sweating could hamper people severely of their social interactions because of the embarrassment sweating brings. While doctors may advice for a surgery it should be taken with a pinch of salt. You can always look at antiperspirant therapy which is the safest bet to guarantee the control of sweating.


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