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A rape victim waive her anonymity to be inspiration to other

by duncan12

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It was early part of 2009 and Taylor Kenney all of her sixteen tender years had a harmless tiff with her boyfriend Dean at a pub when Dean stormed out of the pub leaving her to make her own way home.

What followed next was a traumatic experience which the couple are still trying to come to terms with after three years.

When walking alone Kenney was followed by illegal <a href="">immigrant</a> Jawed Armani who dragged the teenager in to an alleyway and brutally raped her.

Armani is now serving six years in jail for two counts of rape and Taylor, now 19, and Dean, 24 have married and have a two-year-old daughter Sofia.

But the couple, who live in Warwickshire, admit they have had to work hard to put the past behind them and get over Dean's guilt at not being there to protect his girlfriend.

Speaking to Ruth Langsford and Eammon Holmes on the This Morning sofa today Taylor said that they both had a stupid argument and Dean left the pub to walk home but then he realised that he was being silly and Kenny thinking he would meet him on way decided to walk to meet him.

After ten minutes of walk she couldn’t find Dean but hear someone following her she panicked and as she reached the end of the alleyway the culprit gagged her and dragged her back and committed the heinous crime and ran away.

Dean, who had only just started dating Taylor at the time of the attack, said that he went back to the pub but did not find her he was told she had walked.

He also heard about someone being attacked but he did not suspect anything but when he got home and still couldn’t get her on the phone he started fearing the worst.

Taylor’s testimony and DNA evidence had Armani caught and sentenced for this and one other rape he had committed seven months earlier.

Taylor took a brave decision when she decided to waive her anonymity in a bid to encourage other victims to seek justice, decided that she didn't want Dean to attend the court date.

She said both had supported each other as much as they could but she chose not to let Dean come because she thought that would have a serious effect on their relationship if he had to hear it all in so much detail. She says that it was the best decision she ever made.

Her biggest milestone was to move on and get justice, without which she said she wouldn’t have been able to get on with her life.

Even though the couple still can’t help thinking about the incident they had been rock solid in their support to each other giving new hope to people who could have similar problem.


  • DavidJames
    Because our system is terribly flawed and that is all the judge could give him!! Because he pleaded guilty that reduced his sentence by half even though he denied it for weeks SAYING HE HAD ONLY ENTERED THE COUNTRY THE DAY BEFORE!!! That was up until his DNA matched a victim from Reading from six months previous where he had broken into her house and raped her in her own bed!!!
    We cannot send him back because it infringes his human rights because his lawyer said he could well be tortured and possibly killed for these crimes in his own country!!! We allow this kind of thing to go on and it is pathetic why is it always us that has to play by the rules??? I fully intend to do my utmost to be there the day he is let out then we will see what justice looks like!! 
    With regards to Dean, how on earth could the lad know that this was going to happen??? He had no idea and was on his way back to fetch her, since the event he has stood by my daughter when lesser men would have run away and I have the utmost admiration for him because of that. They have a beautiful little girl with a boy on the way and considering the s@&t they have had thrown at them they are STILL sticking together which is a lesson a lot of people could learn from. D James father of Taylor

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