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Things to avoid in a Website Design

by kunwarpal

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Web design is interesting and is getting popular these days. Many
people are looking forward to learn it because of the many career
options it provides. Every designer, amateur or professional, wants to
create some beautiful websites for himself or his clients. Web design is
an art. Design a website is equivalent to making a beautiful piece of

For every web designer it is very important to style his websites
to provide ease of access to the visitors. Convenience to the users is
the biggest factor that affects the popularity of a website. Although
you sell very good products, you cannot attract online customers until
your website is a good one. A website should have excellent visual
qualities and easy navigation. It should be easily accessible and have
less loading time.

Sometimes designs may go wrong. If the designer has not planned
it well, it might bring negative results to him. A wrong design fails to
convey its message to the public. A web application that is not working
well certainly prevents users from coming back again. A designer does
not want this to happen with his website. Here we discuss some of the
things to avoid while designing a website.

Avoid background sounds if possible. Most of the people do not
like background music in the website. They complain that it disturbs
them and they cannot concentrate on the content. Most of the users turn
off their speakers in this case. They may also never come back to the
website knowing about the noisy background music that plays in loop. It
also makes the application bulky. The web pages having background music
attached to them take much time to load.

A web designer should design the website in proper scale. With
this, we mean that he should neither use extra large nor too small font
size text and images. A website with very small size text is not only
difficult to read but also to trace. This visual hindrance makes users
drift away from the website forever. A designer should lay the content
in a sorted manner. He should keep the text and images apart. There
should also be some distance between texts of contrasting font sizes.

Every designer should avoid using pop-ups in his website. It
disturbs the user’s concentration. He may also get irritated with the
website.An irritated user will never return to the website ever.

Finally, a web designer should try to limit the use of Flash in
his website. Using flash uselessly will increase the loading time.
Internet users do not have much patience and tend to drift away from
slow websites. Keeping all the above stated points in mind a designer
can make a good website. For More Detail Visit :

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