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Tips Opening your Pool and Getting Professional Pool Service

by cathynewman

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You just got off the phone with a dear friend from college who's invited you to a local outdoor swimming pool. While the idea excites you, you think the place may be too crowded for comfort, so you decided to invite her over instead where you can have a pool party in your own home. However, your pool has been closed since winter, so you settled on having it opened.

To open your pool, you must remove the pool cover. Clean out all the debris carefully to prevent any damage. Afterwards, drain your pool of any accumulated water and remove any freeze plugs or any other item you installed in the pool to protect it from freezing.

You may also need to clean your filter if you didn’t before you closed the pool. Once you're done cleaning the filter, you can start its motor up. When the motor is running, make sure you flush out all the air that may be in the lines and the equipment itself.

The next steps to open your pool properly may be a bit tricky. Because the sight of the uncovered pool likely made you eager to take a dip, especially when Chicago weather had been reaching temperatures as high as 85.1 degrees recently, it's best to employ pool opening services in Chicago to ensure your swimming pleasure. These experts can also inspect your pool for leaks and check the filter lines for damage.

The specialists in Open a Pool Chicago residents rely on can also check your pool water's pH level. The pH level is the measurement of alkalinity and acidity, and readings should be between 7.2 and 7.8 for safe swimming. Pool opening professionals also know the right amount of chemicals to use, such as chlorine, to get rid of natural pool contaminants like ammonia and nitrogen.

The experts in pool opening services in Chicago can also inspect fixtures like the ladders and handrails to make sure they're secure. If the ladders or handrails are loose, experts will do the necessary repair so that you can enjoy and be safe as you swim. For more information, visit

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