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Bicycle parts should be taken care of for a smooth riding

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 Over a period of time any bike which is in regular use or not tends to become less efficient. After couple of years, there is no pleasure left in riding the old bike. If proper care is taken from time to time of all the different bicycle parts it is possible that even your old bicycle can give you desired pleasure of riding and same wonderful experience of cycling for more years to come. Timely maintenance of bikes is very important for its durability and for efficient smooth riding years.

Before buying any model of the bicycle, it is very important to understand the after service details from the dealer. Many dealers give timely service after the sale. Even if your dealer doesn’t give any after sale services anybody can himself take care of maintenance part on his own. One can take care of its own bike even at home, by following simple maintenance tips. This will not only save time, but also a lot of money of the user. Basic bicycle parts like body frame, tires, chain, brake pads, derailleur, pedals, spokes, handle bar and seat can be maintained by doing regular checks of each and every part and it’s functioning. Many times it is observed that a sudden creaking sound comes from the wheels while riding the cycle. This can be taken care of by checking the wheels and removing any figs being stuck in the wheel. One can also check the position of the spokes which often get loosened and make a weird sound. Lubricating them will help in reducing the sound and smooth flow of the ride.  Often there are problems with the tire tubes which get punctured and tires get flat often, this can be checked either by replacing the tire tube or by checking whether the rim strip is in position or not. If the holes in the tube are at the bottom it tends rim strip may go out of position. This can be fixed manually at your own garage. Another important bicycle part is the chain, which gets off frequently in lack of proper lubrication or accumulation of dust. This can be taken care with lubricating the chain from time to time and the excess oil should always be wiped out. Apart from this the brake pads and the derailleur get jammed and rusty over time resulting into loose breaks which is unsafe for the rider. One should always make sure there is no accumulation of dirt in the break wires and it is regularly lubricated for a smooth breaking system.

Rest all the other bicycle parts like the frame, seat, gears and carriers should be regularly cleaned to remove any junk which gets attached to them while riding to far off places.

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