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Craft Beer Is Taking The World By Storm

by rickpetko9179

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On earth, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages is beer, a drink that is much liked and enjoyed by people around the globe. Production and consumer demand has made beer an integral part of the world. In Australia, as has been seen throughout the world, craft beer has grown strongly. Craft beer is beer that is typically produced in smaller quantities, often with greater flavor, by micro breweries as opposed to large scale breweries. Demand for this has grown strongly, with craft beer now being found in most trendy bars, hotels and clubs, while at the same time bottle shops have been created dedicated to offering craft beer from Australia and overseas.

In Australia beer used to mean a multitude of lagers, which had very similar flavor profiles, differentiating themselves on clever branding rather than the quality of the product. However, through the introduction and innovation of craft beer this has all changed with a huge variety of styles including hefeweisens, pale ales, red ales, porters and stouts all now on offer. Further, consumer interest in craft beer has provided the opportunity for great experimentation, with the creation of novel craft beers including pumpkin beer, beer incorporating coffee beans and beer with mussels just to name a few.

The wide range of craft beer, including imported product from the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy and United Kingdom has meant there is a wide range of beer available to fill the shelves of bottleshops. Among individual craft beer bottleshops you can now regularly find over 300 variants to try. The wide range of beer has also lead to development of beer clubs where consumers can get a monthly subscription of beers sent to their home. Each beer club selection also often includes tasting notes, allowing beer club subscribers to learn about the beers they drink, including flavor profile and interesting facts about the brewery where the beer was produced.

Thanks to the advent of technology consumers now also have the option to buy craft beer over the internet, providing access to 100’s of beer that are not available in the average local bottleshop. Beer available via these online stores is often sold at very competitive prices, with the convenience of home delivery an added plus. Online beer shops also guarantee the user a great experience in a relaxed shopping space.

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