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How to Beat the Toronto Bedbug Epidemic

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In 2010, Toronto Public Heath shared some disconcerting news about bed bugs. The number of bed bug cases in Toronto had risen from 190 five years ago to 10 times that number. The Toronto Bed Bug Project, established by Toronto Public Health in order to combat the epidemic, issued a report on the common causes of bed bugs. In many cases, bed bugs are spread by the improper or premature disposal of furniture or other items already infested with bed bugs. The problem also arises from poor communication between apartment management and tenants. Frequently, managers do not give tenants proper time to prepare a unit before moving out, or tenants do not report a bed bug problem. Another major cause of bed bugs being spread in Toronto is an ineffective application of pesticides. Sometimes, an apartment unit will be sprayed several times without results, or residents will try to apply pesticides themselves with ineffective and potentially dangerous results.  

Luckily, Toronto residents can do plenty to prevent the spread of bed bugs and to keep their homes free of the parasitic pests. It is possible to remove bed bugs from furniture through vacuuming, steam cleaning or laundering. If you choose to discard infested furniture, make sure to clean the surrounding area, or else remaining bed bugs will simply inhabit your replacement furniture. All the discarded furniture should be marked in order to prevent others from recycling the infested items.  

Vacuuming and steam cleaning can help keep bed bugs under control. As the pests are sensitive to changes in temperature, steam cleaning and clothes dryers can be useful in decontaminating items. Unfortunately, none of these methods are proven entirely effective in eradicating bed bugs. While they can help keep the problem under control, more involved forms of pest control are the surest way to get rid of them completely. Because bed bugs are known to build up a pesticide resistance (making the problem even worse), it’s advisable to contact a pest control professional in Toronto who can properly treat the problem.  

Some companies use dogs trained in bed bug detection in order to pinpoint the location of the pests. Once this is determined, the pest control company can choose the best way of exterminating the bed bugs. Using electrical heat, a pest control team can raise the room temperature to the 45-55 degrees Celsius that it takes to remove bed bugs. Pest control companies often have professional steamers and specific pest control vacuums for cleaning infested areas. By sealing mattresses and box springs and leaving behind bed bug monitoring devices, a good Toronto pest control team will make sure that bed bugs cannot come back to plague your home.  

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