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Stockpile Me Maybe: Prohibited Products in Self Storage Spac

by erickamuldowney

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Self storage space is a service granting general public to rent out an area where equipments and belongings can be maintained securely, typically on a monthly basis. Rented space can be chests, compartments, rooms, and/or outdoor space that tenants can gain access to whenever in need of them. Based on writes up, one of every 10 households in the United States uses self storage space units, making it among the most preferred storage space options.

There is an approximated 58,000 self storage space facilities scattered across the nation. Most them are rented or leased by small organizations to pack away extra inventory or archived documents. If you're planning to lease a self-storage facility, it important to be familiar of the company's guidelines and regulations, along with the items banned from the storage unit. Here are a some goods that most self storage facilities do not permit:

Living Things

Plants and animals are not permitted because most self storage space facilities are windowless, and it's not part of the crew's job description to brush animals. Even though you have total access to the facility, it's essential to bear in mind that the site is not an animal day care establishment or greenhouse. In addition, plants can bring in insects and pests; some bugs, like mosquitoes and flies, harbor diseases that will place the facility's employees in danger.

Adornments, Rarities, and Other Treasures

Self storage units are guarded by trained security personnel and sometimes, are equipped with high-end security systems. However, most self storage space businesses, especially in Fort Myers, don't approve big-ticket products to be stored there. Fort Myers is recognized to have surprisingly high crime rates that are just about near the United States nationwide average. Fort Myers storage businesses may ask you to sign a waiver that discharges them in case of issues.


The self storage Fort Myers residents count on does not tolerate meals as it is likely to attract rodents. Examples of restricted food products are boxed goods and disposable goods as they can trigger odor issues as well. Canned items may be an exception but you'll have to confer with the storage space business.

Flammable Products and Weapons

Fort Myers self storage businesses forbid stockpiling things like gas, propane, or other sorts of fuel designed to explode. Weapons might also not be permitted as stated by district laws. Go to for more details on prohibited items in self storage facilities.

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